Those who have eaten chicken from Mang Inasal would know: their servings of inasal-style barbecued chicken (and pork, etc.) comes with generous helping of chicken oil, that golden-colored garnishing grease that when applied to the meat gives it a glossy savoriness that is equal parts appetizing and queasy. When customers were forced to do more takeout in the wake of the COVID pandemic, their orders might be provided with a few sachets of soy sauce and chicken oil. For those who have developed a taste for it, that may not be enough. Good thing Mang Inasal has got you covered.

As The Manila Bulletin puts it, Mang Inasal has taken the chicken oil aficionados into consideration when developing their newest product offering. It is…Mang Inasal’s famous chicken oil in a pouch, 250 grams of golden greasy flavor with a re-sealable cap. That is no joke; the barbecue fast food chain (one of many under the Jollibee Foods banner, in case you forget) just announced their chicken oil pouch on their social media this past Thursday, July 29. If your order of Mang Inasal Family Size chicken batch is too much for just any old chicken oil sachet add-on, this item would solve your garnishing problems.

But do not think a pouch of chicken oil is the only new thing on Mang Inasal’s takeout menu. Well, this is not exactly new, as last year during the height of the pandemic lockdown some Inasal branches began offering takeout ready-to-cook chicken. They are apparently reintroducing that package once more. And where originally the RTC Chicken Inasal came with only sachets of chicken oil, this one gets the 250g pouch mentioned above. What more can you ask if you are a Mang Inasal foodie?

Mang Inasal’s Chicken Oil in a 250g pouch can be order for restaurant takeout or Foodpanda delivery, at a suggested price of P99, although that may vary depending on which Inasal branch in the country you are ordering from. The Ready-to-Cook chicken also has a varying price somewhere in the suggested retail neighborhood of P360.

Image courtesy of Abante TNT