Philippine celebrities finding love with a foreigner never fail to draw attention. Glaiza De Castro has been one of the prominent where cross-border relationships are concerned, what with her boyfriend David Rainey from Ireland. In December of 2020 she actually travelled to the latter’s home country to spend time together after most of the year apart due to the pandemic. COVID certainly could not stop the two from moving ahead with their plans to finally tie the knot. And if Glaiza could have it her way, then their wedding will be in the Philippines, out in the sun and sand.

In a recent interview with, Glaiza De Castro discussed the “logistics” of the prospective wedding ceremony for her and longtime beau David Rainey. Unsurprisingly, she wants their marriage to be done in the Philippines, but not simply out of nationalistic pride. The Kapuso actress noted the comparison of how many family members between hers and David’s, though she also would like the chance to show them around the country. Of course, there is the matter of the ongoing pandemic with the necessary community restrictions, though De Castro is confident that they can pull a beach wedding off just fine.

“Ideally, it will be here because I have a big family,” notes Glaiza on the optimal choice of wedding venue. “I can’t take all of them to Ireland!” She explains that at 10 members at most, Rainey’s family would be an easier sell to invite en masse, the better to show her fiancé’s relatives the wonders of the Philippines. “Only David has been here, so I’m very excited to have the rest here,” explains Glaiza, who of course is aware that the current COVID situation is not exactly cooperative, not just for sightseeing but potentially for her wedding with David.

Glaiza De Castro is plain in describing how trying to get married during a pandemic is a veritable challenge, saying, “Our relationship is expensive in a way, because of all the flights.” She does hope to see an improvement in the situation, a formidable wish already with the Delta variant wreaking havoc in the country. While she and David Rainey wait for an opportunity however, De Castro is already back establishing her Kapuso star cred as the lead of the network’s newest drama, “Nagbabagang Luha” which premiered this past August 2 and airs weekdays during the evening primetime on GMA7.

Image courtesy of NewsKo