HBO Max can come across as pulling some of the same marketing tactics that its rival streaming service, Disney+, has been doing for a few years earlier. But the WarnerMedia platform can think up some unique moves of its own; whether it could be providing select episodes of its original programming, or providing a new sort of content that one would not expect from a major media streamer. Having a new program on HBO Max based on DC Comics would be great, as it already has stuff from The CW and the former DC Universe. But what if that DC show is in all-audio format?

Believe it or not, HBO Max is taking a big leap in the variety of offerings they have in their media library according to Variety. Rather than a film or another series, where one primarily sees and hears what is happening, how about something you just hear? By that we mean podcasts, and HBO Max is bouncing ideas for a DC series presented in a podcast: “Batman: The Audio Adventures.” Scripted audio episodes of the Dark Knight fighting crime in Gotham City? Sounds like just the kind of singular content that HBO Max could use.

Warner Bros. and DC have already taken steps to bring in talent to bring “Batman: The Audio Adventures” to life. While HBO Max does carry quite the number of podcasts already, most of them tend to be companion content to existing programming, like with “Lovecraft County.” This one however, is  an all-audio superhero show evoking radio serials, with Jeffrey Wright being cast to voice Batman, along with John Leguizamo as the Riddler and Rosario Dawson as Catwoman. Dennis McNicholas is not just writing episodes of the Batman “Audio Adventures” podcast, but directing them as well.

When it debuts, “Batman: The Audio Adventures” will also be a game-changing podcast for HBO Max, in that it will be exclusive to that streaming service unlike their other podcasts which might be available elsewhere. It might also see further developments on the platform’s interface, seeing as users have to search manually for HBO Max-carried podcasts because they have no landing page. And it never helps to carry something original.

Elsewhere, Jeffrey Wright and Rosario Dawson have their own commitments to WarnerMedia and HBO Max’s rival Disney+. Wright is voicing Uatu the Watcher in MCU animated anthology “What If…?” while Dawson portrays Ahsoka Tano in an upcoming “Star Wars” series.

Image courtesy of GamesRadar