It has been said many times before, and a fan will never get tired of pointing it out: “The Mandalorian,” a spinoff series from the massive “Star Wars” space opera film franchise, managed to prove that shifting the Galaxy Far, Far Away from its original movie format to a multi-episode live-action series can work splendidly. Its inaugural season can be considered one of the killer contents for the 2019 launch of Disney+ streaming, so a second season that came out in October 2020 was no surprise. Neither was the announcement of a season 3 in the works, and one of the main cast reveals that it could start filming soon.

According to Comic Book Resources, “The Mandalorian” will begin principal photography for its third season as early as next month in September. This comes straight from the mouth of veteran actor Carl Weathers, who portrays Bounty Hunters’ Guild leader Greef Karga, when he was a featured guest at the 2021 Steel City Con in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, which ran from August 13 to 15. Weathers, better known as Apollo Creed of “Rocky” fame, simply remarked during a panel segment, “And so now, we’re gonna start a new season of ‘The Mandalorian,’ within the next month. Yeah.”

Weather’s Karga is the titular Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) bounty hunter’s technical superior in the Guild based on planet Nevarro. Circumstances during the show see him shift from ally to antagonist. He gives the Mandalorian the job that leads to him meeting Grogu, a Force-sensitive child of the same species as the late Jedi Master Yoda. Karga then directs the Bounty Hunter’s Guild to pursue the Mandalorian in order to deliver Grogu to the Imperial remnants searching for him, only to change his mind when Grogu ends up saving his life.

One other thing that Carl Weathers shared about “The Mandalorian” season 3 during Steel City Con was that, similar to the previous season he will again get to direct an episode of the “Star Wars” spinoff. In season 2 that was the 4th episode (12th overall) “The Siege.” And while the S3 episode number has not been revealed yet, the actor notes, “I get to be in front of camera again, and I get to direct again.” “The Mandalorian” fans might want to hold their breath on this, however. Disney+ looks to push season 3 to premiere next year, 2022, while giving late 2021 over to another “Star Wars” spinoff, “The Book of Boba Fett.”

Image courtesy of The Direct