Where DC Comics and Warner Bros. are concerned, they have a lot of audiovisual media formats covered when it comes to churning out adaptations of DC superhero adventures. One market they have been remarkably dominant in is direct home video, and later digital media. Over the years they have released plenty of animated films, first in the DC Animated Universe, and then the DCU Animated Original franchises. These films tended to hew to older audiences as well, usually those who grew up to the animated DC series that did air on TV. And now, a new DC Animated film is coming, starring not a major hero, but a similarly-iconic antihero.

The Hollywood Reporter has it that the next home-media animated film to come from Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will star DC’s most famous phantom thief, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, in the upcoming “Catwoman: Hunted.” Where most DC Animated Original films were visualized using anime-like motion and character design, this movie will be full-on anime in aesthetics, even having Japanese anime director Shinsuke Terasawa in the chair. Terasawa has worked on some famous anime series such as “Gintama” (episode director) and “Yo-Kai Watch” (animation director).

He will be directing a script developed by none other than Greg Weisman, who brought Disney’s “Gargoyles” and DC Animation’s “Young Justice” to the world. It also features a stellar animation voice cast, led by singer-actress Elizabeth Gilles (The CW’s “Dynasty” reboot, and “Winx Club”) playing Gotham City’s resident cat burglar, Catwoman. She is joined by Stephanie Beatriz (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”), Jonathan Banks (“Breaking Bad”), Kelly Hu, Steve Blum and many others. Notable are former cast members of Weisman and Disney’s “Gargoyles” in Keith David and Jonathan Frakes (“Star Trek: TNG”).

“Catwoman: Hunted” sees Gilles’ Selina Kyle undertake a seemingly routine jewel burglary. Doing so however puts her in the sights of three pursuing parties: Interpol, a Gotham Crime syndicate under Richard Sionis/Black Mask (Banks), and Gotham crime-fighter Batwoman (Beatriz). Of course, Selina is not the slippery Catwoman for nothing. She will try to evade her hunters and get away with her prize, but will she? And to what lengths will she go to remain at large? Regular viewers of the DC Animated Originals will have to wait until “Catwoman: Hunted” releases in 2022, though no month or date has been slated for it just yet.

Image from Comic Book.com