Nothing perhaps excites an audience for music more than a prodigy. Johanne Morissette Amon, named by her parents after a Baroque German composer and her mother’s favorite singer, proved she was a prodigy from her start on TV5 at age 14, then hitting her stride and unlocking her full potential with ABS-CBN since 2013. Morissette became one of the Kapamilya network’s singing icons, gaining the moniker Asia’s Phoenix. That is not bad for having just one studio album (two others were re-releases of material she recorded at 14) and a boatload of singles, soundtrack contributions, and more recently an extended play that she produced herself.

“Signature,” the first EP from Morissette and self-produced at that, was released two Fridays ago on August 20. But as would have it, that was more than enough time for the EP to make its mark on iTunes, both locally and worldwide. For iTunes Philippines, there was no shadow of doubt that “Signature” would climb its way to the top for a comfortable stay at number 1. But in the US counterpart, the EP would land in 30th place at iTunes’ Top 100 Albums – All Genres chart, trumpeted to be the highest position ever reached by an OPM artist.

The five songs comprising “Signature” all have great individual placements in iTunes Philippines Top 100 Songs chart. In ranking order, they are “Trophy” (2nd), “Mirror” (9th), “Will You Stay” (10th), “Love You Still” (22nd) and “Phoenix” (32nd). While longtime producers and collaborators Dave Lamar and Xergio Ramos were on hand to give her a hand, Morissette Amon could proudly say that she was the foremost creative force in this LP. Other notable global iTunes positions “Signature” has secured include rank 2 in Singapore, 3 in Malaysia, 4 in Poland and Austria, and 6th in Vietnam.

Image courtesy of VQS