Parokya ni Edgar may well be considered the Philippines’ patron saint-band of novelty songs. Whether they are rocking out songs with the quirkiest of subjects or outright satirizing the music of others locally or internationally, the Parokya can be said to have earned their media-dubbed title of “Pambansang Banda.” So catchy and memorable have been their lyrics and rhythms that their 2003 hit “Mr. Suave” was in turn popularly repurposed as either product commercials or political jingles. And even though their last album was in 2016, they remain active and fresh in the minds of Filipino listeners; although, they do have a new album coming.

As The Manila Bulletin has it, the Parokya ni Edgar has a new album coming soon, later this year. That much was revealed by vocalist Chito Miranda on an Instagram posted earlier this week. This is welcome news considering their most recent full entry of their discography, “Pogi Years Old,” was some five years ago by now. Miranda candidly admitted that the basic framework of their follow-up album from that was already in place all those years, only to be kept in the back burner by procrastination and Chito being busy with outside musical projects.

“Honestly, before this I got too lazy to write,” says Miranda on his social media post. “For 5 years the album was left alone, with no definite plans on when it would be finished and when it will be released.” It was not, he explains, until recently – during the pandemic – that the band felt motivated to complete work on the album. “That’s how it is…you can’t force it,” adds the Parokya front-man. “That’s the creative process…The best part is, when you’re motivated, you’re very excited.” Chito also talks about why he was mask-less when taking his selfie (outdoors) for IG (girly-designed facemask), and revealed that he cuts his own hair.

Although Chito Miranda never gives its name, fans of the Parokya ni Edgar can expect their newest album to come out sometime this November. And he promises that the album’s songs are so very “trip,” and he and his band-mates where extremely happy with the material they wrote for it. Parokya adherents need only wait through October, and maybe a bit of November, to hear what the band has come up with, in a triumph for musical creativity even during a crisis like the pandemic.

Image courtesy of NME