Back in July, the corner of Philippine social media that follows the local showbiz industry got some very steamy teasers from two top actresses. Kylie Padilla and Andrea Torres featured in photos of themselves being close, very close; close to kissing even. The only hints they gave of what they were up to on their social media pages are “Rein Entertainment” and #BetCin. It was surmised that these refer to either a film or a series, and the promotional images indicate that they portray a lesbian couple. Several months later, new details finally confirm just what production Kylie and Andrea will be starring in next.

The Manila Bulletin reports that “BetCin” will be a new streaming series to be hosted on streaming website WeTV (known in China as Tencent Video). The title is derived from the names of the two main characters, online celebrities Beth (Kylie Padilla) and Cindy (Andrea Torres). The premise has the two establish a solid online following, with their fans fawning over how they became a social media power couple. Their portmanteau couple name of “BetCin” got their followers dubbing themselves the “Umami.” But underneath the happy façade, the duo’s romantic dynamic is showing cracks. Will they fall apart with the internet watching, or somehow endure?

During the virtual press conference for “BetCin”, Padilla spoke of how the opportunity to star in Rein Entertainment’s streaming series was perfect for her and Torres. “It came at the right time,” says Kylie. “I got so engrossed with my character Beth. The script is so rich. I enjoyed it and had fun. It’s worth doing this project especially in the time of the pandemic and being away from my kids.” Torres concurs, adding, “For my character Cindy, I like how she enjoys her freedom. The appeal of BetCin is for them to be accepted.”

Andrea went on to say that working with Kylie on “BetCin” was the most unforgettable project she has been involved in yet. She also demonstrated the dynamics of the pairing between herself and Kylie when she remarked, before the press-con audience, “It was an absolute pleasure and honor to be your Cindy.” The two actresses will have their work cut out for them to sell just how well they portray a lesbian celebrity pair. “BetCin” will premiere on WeTV this coming Friday, October 15, with new episodes expected to go up on streaming every week.

Image from Click the City