Sometimes, people get mistaken for having committed a crime, most likely for small misdemeanors. This can happen whether one is an ordinary citizen passing by or a well-known celebrity. In the latter case, having what can be described figuratively as the “face of a thug” means they are quickly accosted and accused. And while such situations can be resolved before they escalate, the wrongfully accused will still end up with hurt feelings over it. Kapuso comedian Romeo Librada aka Super Tekla recently underwent such an ordeal: mistaken for an offender, quickly disproven, but still emotionally hurt by what just transpired.

GMA News tells is that Super Tekla shared his experience of being wrongfully accused of shop-lifting at a convenience store. According to the story he shared last Sunday, October 17 at “24 Oras Weekend,” Tekla bought something at a convenience store, where after paying at the counter he was barred at the exit by the security guard who observed him allegedly pocketing a deodorant bottle over the security camera CCTV. The guard requested that Tekla subject himself to a search, which the “Wowowin!” co-host allowed. The lack of any stolen item, plus the cashier vouching to the guard on Tekla’s identity, finally let him off.

Tekla explained that while he did look at some items in the deodorant section, he did not take anything. He does recall putting his hands in his pockets at the time, which he surmises as what the guard saw on CCTV. While Tekla did alleviate the situation by making a joke after the guard apologized, he did feel put off at being singled out. “Deep inside I was hurt,” says Tekla. “That’s when I felt ‘Ouch, sad reality.’ [It was] hurtful but funny.” The comedian could not help but think back to his past jokes about his looks being “suspicious.”

Aside from “Wowowin!” alongside host Willie Revillame, Super Tekla co-hosts, with fellow comedian Norman “Boobay” Balbuena, “The Boobay and Tekla Show,” a primetime comedy talk show airing Sundays on GMA7.

Image from The Filipino Times