Ah, surely the memory of one of last week’s big Pinoy showbiz news is still fresh for many. If not, then recall that veteran actor John Lloyd Cruz has finally taken a big and inevitable step towards the spotlight. We are talking of course about his signing up as a talent for GMA7, a major coup for the Kapuso Network. Among the celebrities of his new network to greet Cruz on his new production home is Bea Alonzo, herself a recent Kapuso Artist. But before that she and Lloydy have been constant onscreen partners, a dynamic the two are excited to resume in future projects.

But as those plans are currently in development, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo have taken baby steps in acting together. As the Philippine Star reports that this week, the two starred in a commercial for a major fast-food chain that was released online earlier this week. Okay, a Jollibee commercial may no longer count as baby steps, considering that the ad was done by Jollibee Studios, which has been making foreign YouTube viewers cry with their many emotional story-driven commercials. True to form, both Lloydy and Bea deliver the acting goods with this commercial.

Said ad is framed as the two movie/TV stars discussing their upcoming project and asking subtle questions about their personal lives. “How’s the heart,” they both ask each other. John Lloyd jokes about his heart gaining abs from working out, while Bea notes hers is still beating even after being crushed. Super-sweet dialogue comes naturally to them even as they chow down on the “Perfect Pair,” aka a Chickenjou-Jolly Spaghetti combo meal. It is kind of like their pairing, would you not agree? It is iconic and perfect, and apparently just the first for the pair and Jollibee regarding commercials.

John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo note how their complementary dynamics were cited by Jollibee as the reason they were tapped for this ad campaign. On their reasons for saying yes, Cruz says, “I couldn’t say no to this project. Jollibee’s Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti are classics for me, and Bea brings out some of my best work. The choice was clear.” As for Bea, she remarks, “Who wouldn’t accept the offer to be the face of a beloved Filipino brand and food, and to work with your best partner at the same time?” Here is hoping the next Jollibee commercials with the two are just as sweet as that.

Image from Top Gear PH