With the ongoing epidemic, despite increasing numbers of vaccinated people, and some businesses opening their cinemas to moviegoers, watching films in public remains something of a tough sell. Even then, many of the movies in theater right now hail from overseas, as the local motion picture industry continues to struggle back on its feet. In the meantime, some film productions have decided to forego cinemas for a platform accessible by viewers at home: online digital streaming. Viva Entertainment’s Vivamax has been doing well in this regard, with several new movies premiering there. Another one starring Nadine Lustre and Diego Loyzaga will be joining them soon.

That film, according to Inquirer.net, is “Greed” from Viva Films. A brief teaser to the movie was shared on social media this Wednesday, February 9, by its director Yam Laranas. In “Greed,” Nadine Lustre and Diego Loyzaga play a rural couple, quite loving despite struggling in near squalor at the farm. Their sole luxury spending lies in joining the lottery, which leads to them marking their calendar religiously. Good fortune apparently comes when they seemingly hit the lottery jackpot. But being winners of big money in a poverty-stricken area can lead to potentially dangerous entanglements.

“Greed” was first revealed by Laranas back in October of last year. The teaser consisted of a virtual script read featuring Lustre, Loyzaga and their costar Epy Quizon. Although Viva Films has yet to mark a premiere date, “Greed” is a surefire exclusive release on the Vivamax streaming service.

The movie marks the end of a lengthy big-screen hiatus for Nadine, who last graced cinemas in 2019 alongside Sam Concepcion in another Viva production, “Indak.” This also demonstrates the normalization of relationship between Lustre and Viva Artists Agency (VAA), following a legal dispute in 2020. After settlement, the actress now retains the right to “decide her own branding and image.”

Image from The Fanboy SEO