Morgan Magazine

One of the Leading Digital Magazines in Asia

About Morgan Magazine

Morgan Magazine is one of the leading and popular digital magazines in Asia. It is a guide to Travel, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Business Deals and Events in Asia. Morgan Magazine has partnered with different international brands, hotels and airlines from all over the world. The magazine is updated daily with over 100 million collective impressions in 2014 and 2015 as per Online Reporting Tools SUMALL and SPROUT SOCIAL. Twitter Analytics reported a total of 96 Million Impressions from January – December 2016 while the first quarter of 2017 shows more than 10 Million Impressions already. Morgan Magazine currently has almost 50 Million Hits on Google, 4 Million Views on Youtube and over 4 Million Page Visits on its website.

Morgan Magazine is also an expert in Digital and Content Marketing, Online Advertising and SEO and PPC Campaigns. It helps companies strengthen its brand, widen its online presence and increase its audience reach.

Morgan Magazine in cooperation with Morgan TV features one on one exclusive sit down interviews with the biggest names in the Entertainment Industry and has reached the #3 spot in list of Top Sites in the Philippines in the fields of News, Entertainment and Journalism. Morgan Magazine and The Morgan Show trended on twitter few times both in the Philippines and Worldwide. Morgan Magazine’s KLOUT Score is at 80, one of the Most Influential in Asia.

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